Darquan Richardson

By: Andre Thomas This past football season the bulldog’s team went 4-6, carried by underclassmen. The bulldogs had 11 total underclassmen starting on the varsity team, one of those being sophomore Darquan Richardson. Richardson rushed for over 961 yards off of 145 carries averaging 6.6 yards per attempt despite missing two games during the season; … More Darquan Richardson

Leap Year babies

By: Chaireth Jones Every four years, babies are born on the extra day in February, making them more unique than others. According to infoplease.com, in the United States, about 187,00 people are born on leap day. Since the babies born on leap day only “technically ” have their birthday every four years, it calls for … More Leap Year babies

The Little Free Library

By: Rosie Brown The Southern Indiana Arts Council, the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana’s Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC), and NAHS are collaborating to create Little Free Library boxes for the YPC’s annual community service project. The Little Free Library project began in Wisconsin in 2009, and has spread nationwide, according to LittleFreeLibrary.org. Individuals and groups … More The Little Free Library

Bathroom etiquette

By: James Thomas Public restroom experiences can be sub-par; the main reason is that people ignore common bathroom etiquette. Bathroom etiquette is the way to act in a public restroom when there are people around. A lot of these etiquette problems can be fixed by common courtesy or hygiene. A lot of problems are well … More Bathroom etiquette

Too early for x-mas

By: Ellen White Honestly, it might be too early to even talk about how early it is. Maybe it is just me. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Christmas music is blaring too loudly and the decorative lights are shining bright. All these Christmas lovers have forgotten about the mashed potatoes and stuffing, but definitely … More Too early for x-mas

In your face

By: Julia Campisano Some girls possess killer makeup skills, but it’s not always for looks Every morning before school, I start my day off washing my face and then applying foundation with a few swipes of a makeup brush; but I don’t do it just for the looks. I simply enjoy doing my makeup every morning. I … More In your face

On the court, the field, and the track

By: Andre Thomas While most high school athletes have an off-season, sophomore Rondale Moore doesn’t. Moore balances football, basketball, and track, yet still manages to maintain a 3.5 GPA. In the 2015 football season, Moore racked up 1005 all-purpose yards, eight rushing TDs, 5 receiving TDs and was also Southern Indiana Athlete of the week … More On the court, the field, and the track

Jack becoming Joseph

By: Chaireth Jones Senior Jack Amend steals the stage in fall production Being the lead of a play isn’t the easiest job in the world. It takes hard work, a lot of time, and dedication. Senior Jack Amend has all of those things. Amend was cast as the main role, Joseph in NAHS’ newest production of “Joseph … More Jack becoming Joseph

Girl’s basketball team starts season 3-1

By: Nolan Payton Coach, players have sights set on a successful season NAHS basketball has been a source of pride over the years; the 2015/2016 girls team is looking to build on the Bulldog tradition. The team opened the season November 10 facing Columbus North, falling to last year’s state champions by seven. “This is … More Girl’s basketball team starts season 3-1

Hold the meat

By: Andrew Bennett A holiday centered around turkey can be a challenge for vegetarians A typical Thanksgiving features turkey or ham sitting on the dinning room table, but there are few families who prefer veggies to the meat. “I never did like the taste of meat, I ate it growing up because we didn’t have a … More Hold the meat

Military girlfriends

By: Julia Campisano Loved ones at home wait patiently for their return Students choose to go on many different paths after high school. While some choose to enlist in the military, they have to leave their loved ones behind. “It’s been really hard,” junior Sadie Meyer said. “It was so great when I got his … More Military girlfriends

There goes Santa Claus

By: Kat Lynn Students reveal the truth about old St. Nick There are plenty of reasons children should believe in Santa, but the opposition says children should be told the truth. “Believing in impossible beings such as Santa Claus may exercise children’s counter-factual reasoning skills,” according to UTNEWS.edu. In the 1820’s when Saint Nicholas had … More There goes Santa Claus

Giving back

By: Madisyn Zipper Mrs. Charmaine Corrie and Freshman Bulldog Scholars served 200 at the St. Marks Soup Kitchen FACS Teacher Mrs. Corrie believes that it’s always important to give back to the community, and she strives to do just that by volunteering with a few students at least two times a school year. “It’s important for … More Giving back

Election infection

By: Rosie Brown Some students will be eligible to vote for the 45th president In November 2016 United States citizens will be voting for a new president. The majority of teens enrolled in high school are not old enough to vote, yet are still interested in the direction our country is headed. However, one student … More Election infection

AP Snores

By: Quintin Condra   School has influenced writers, doctors, pilots, teachers, broadcasters and more, because they weren’t subject to any special treatments to make them “feel more comfortable,” or more “relaxed in class”. School has taken a turn from focusing on just education and has turned into a perpetuating effect of just “next level” mind set. … More AP Snores

The last nightmare

By: Andrew Bennett This is the last chance to experience a bone-chilling nightmare before it leaves across the river. Yes, the rumors are confirmed, this is the last year for the Industrial Terrorplex before it goes across the Ohio River into Louisville. Many people are sad to see the place leave. “I have wanted to … More The last nightmare

Keep a journal

By: Madisyn Zipper Reasons to write through life Dear Diary, Don’t worry, I’m only joking. (Really, it’s a joke. If you do plan to begin journal entries like this, then I’d like to congratulate you for turning 12 last weekend, but you shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet.) Keeping a journal may seem juvenile, but … More Keep a journal

Bulldogs Best

By: Kylee Jackson Freshman Dylan Clark really stepped it up at the end of the NAHS 2015 football season. When Clark was asked to take the starting position of Quarterback in a game against our rivals FC, he was unsure of how he would preform. “I was a little nervous, it was a big game,” said Clark. … More Bulldogs Best

The don’ts

By: Destiny Amig I think every student has encountered some sort of hallway discomfort. Slow walkers, couples holding hands, teenage shrieks, all reasons the hallways of a high school can be unappealing at the least. Luckily, I’m providing you with the “don’ts’” of hallway etiquette so you won’t be apart of the problem.  Don’t Sloth … More The don’ts

The Blotter Boys

By: Chaireth Jones After a whole year of The Blotter staff’s lack of male members, some have finally joined to create a more diverse setting. This year’s staff includes six boys who cant wait to bring it all to the table. “I’m excited for the addition of more diversity on our staff, “ newspaper adviser … More The Blotter Boys

The ukulele kid

By: Kat Lynn If you pay any attention to the people surrounding you in the hallways, chances are you have probably seen or heard Alex Wichterman. You know, the guy with long hair that plays the ukulele. “It definitely draws attention,” junior Alex Wichterman said. “Sometimes the attention is positive and sometimes it’s negative.” People … More The ukulele kid

Sculpting Queen

By: Julia Campisano The beauty of art is often viewed at art museums and fairs, but a talented senior brought her talent from home to school. “I’ve always done art at home and I usually made things out of polymer clay,” senior Abigail Sheets said. “I even made book covers out of clay and binding. … More Sculpting Queen

Calling all festivals

By: Nolan Payton With the fall season finally here, lots of towns and cities in our area and across the country have their own festivals, parades and parties to welcome the season. In our local area there are some major ones including Harvest Homecoming and other events in Louisville. Harvest Homecoming is celebrated October 8-11 … More Calling all festivals

Driving toddlers

By: Jaelynn Derricott The more the driving age is lowered, the more restrictions are added to teens as new drivers. The majority of kids, myself included, have always dreamed of driving. Yet we are subject to parents and administrations telling us the extensive list of dangers coupled with driving. As of July of 2015 a … More Driving toddlers

Vaping Gone Wrong

By: Ellen White More and more high school students have started puffing smoke, not necessarily tobacco, but electronic cigarettes. Students don’t use them responsibly or in the right manner. A trend that was begun by middle and high school aged students has rapidly increased in recent years. The use of an electronic cigarette device tripled … More Vaping Gone Wrong

Strive to drive

By: Quintin Condra Time to buckle up. In July the state of Indiana changed the legal driving age from 16 and 180 days to 16 and 90 days with drivers education, according to BMV.gov. Underclassmen anxiously await for the day they can get their license and drive around with their friends. NAHS Resource Officer Sergeant Perry … More Strive to drive

Bulldog’s Best

By: Kylee Jackson Bulldog’s girls soccer takes on FC  Tonight, the girl’s soccer will take on their rivals FC in their fourth conference game of the 2015 season. To take home the conference title the girls will have to beat FC and will have to tie their top competitor, Columbus East, on Saturday. “So far … More Bulldog’s Best