I Went to Purdue by//Kami Geron

IMG_6494.JPGLooking Into The Future. Last weekend I toured Purdue University, around four hours away from New Albany. Like many others, I classified Purdue as only an engineering school so turned my attention to other colleges. Besides that, I’ve seen them on TV playing basketball, and thought what even is a Boilermaker? Who wants to wear those colors? Continue reading

I Don’t Need This by//Kami Geron

Stop judging my age and my time!

The word “Millennials” is hurled like a curse word in high school. Constantly we hear things like “these Millennials are screwing this up” or “constantly changing that” and “it’s because of those dang Millennials!” Hold on, pause, what even are Millennials? By definition, a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. Although in the eyes of everyone over 30, it sounds more like the death of society.

I’ve never been thrilled with generalization. I absolutely hate being categorized like I mean nothing individually. Sure I’m a kid, I’m 15! As a grown adult, shouldn’t you know right from wrong, like calling names. Last time I checked the entire world wasn’t still in kindergarten.img_7282

For example, on Valentine’s Day I went to Qdoba with my boyfriend. They had a promotion saying if you kiss at the register you could get a free entree. It sounded like a total steal since I absolutely love Qdoba. Ahead of us in line I saw an elderly couple kiss and just nudged my boyfriend like “how sweet”. When we got to checkout, the clerk was super weird about our quick smooch and almost looked disgusted. This wasn’t some random public display, it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s your promotion!
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How To: Survive getting your phone taken away by//Julia Campisano

Being grounded is the worst thing to have to experience; I am sure many other teenagers would agree. Grounding just gets worse when your parents decide to confiscate your phone on top of everything else.

Is it just me, or is there no other consequence besides getting your phone taken? If you ever have to go without your phone again, here are my eight (mostly sarcastic) tips for your survival during this difficult time:

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Album review by// Matthew Fitzsimmons’ & Tyler Boren

Post Malone’s album Stoney

Matthew Fitzsimmons’ favorite song: “Feeling Whitney”

Tyler Boren’s favorite song: “I Fall Apart”

Stoney is Post Malone’s second album. This album was released on December 9, 2016. This album gives a wide range from upbeat hip hop songs, to softer vibe songs, to even an acoustic song featuring Post Malone singing about a girl named Whitney, titled “Feeling Whitney”. This range of music gives this album a wide variety of fans something to listen to. Keep on reading!

Fourth times a charm by//Ellen White

The episode opened with Nick crying and being upset because he didn’t know if he should go through with the season because he didn’t have a good gut feeling. This episode made me really mad because it gave a way a lot juicy stuff and now I know how the whole season ends. Keep on reading!

Checking out books with Sophie by// Sophie Owens


Italian author Christine de Pizan is definitely an original thug. She was writing poems about female heroism and the oppression of women before any women’s protest walk ever happened.

Although her first few pieces were more focused on the love of her husband, her attentions soon diverted to the ongoing issue. de Pizan was born in 1364 in Venice, Italy. Widowed, she took up writing to support herself. These verses met with success, and she continued writing ballads. After the Battle of Agincourt, she retired to a convent and died circa 1430.

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Patriots make unprecedented comeback by// Jackson Wigley

Photo: Bing images

The Patriots won the Super Bowl; they pulled off the greatest comeback in history!


Patriots’ quarterback and four-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady holding up the Lombardi Trophy for the 5th time, an amazing win, for an amazing organization.

The Patriots beat the Falcons, 34-28 in OT. Super Bowl 51 will go down as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of all time. It was the first time a Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime. Keep on reading!